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East North American woodland perennial forming clumps from underground creeping rhizomes. Purpl..
Creeping underground rhizomes forming large colonies over time. Branching stems with bare elliptic l..
Yellow tubular flowers and black berries in the autumn. Shade ..
Strong upright sterms in April with clusters of greenish white pendant flowers followed by blue blac..
Dryopteris erythrosora
Young fronds are glossy rosy brown turning green later. Shelter from early morning frost. Shad..
Dryopteris wallichiana
Magnificent fern from the Himalayas and Japan. Young unfolding fronds are a golden green in spring, ..
Handsome tall rosettes of dark green foliage with showy heads of yellow green flowers in June which ..
Caroeting woodlander flowering in April/May. Shade or  semi-shade ..
Strong grower in heavy shade with white flowers in June. Shade or semi-shade ..
Geranium phaeum 'Samobor'
Chocolate marked leaves with purple flowers in May. Shade or semi-shade ..
Lovely nodding lemon yellow flowers. Retentive soil. Shade or semi-shade ..
Geum 'Lionel Cox'
Stunning bright green leaves in basal rosettes. Large yellow flowers touched with apricot in April. ..
Pretty pink flowers with a frilled edge in April. Retentive soil. Shade or semi-shade ..
Nodding heads of white flowers in green calcyes in April. Charming for a cool spot. Retentive soi..
Many small coppery red flowers in April. Retentive soil. Shade or semi-shade ..