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Stunning with warm red flowers and white tips in spring. Good soil. Shade or semi-shade ..
Liriope muscari
Grass-like leaves with violet blue flowers in August/September. Shade or semi-shade ..
Cream variegated foliage with violet flowers in August/September. Shade or semi-shade ..
Creeping woodlander with broad oval leaves and spikes of white flowers in April. Humus rich soil...
Hairy stems of elliptic ciliate leaves rise from slender creeping rhizomes which terminate in a spik..
Hairy stems of elliptic ciliate leaves terminating in a panicle of white flowers in April follo..
Hanging scented white flowers in April. Vigorous and makes a good clump in rich soil. Shade or se..
Wonderful terminal panicle of yellow star-shaped flowers in May with orange berries in autumn. Sh..
Matteuccia struthiopteris
The shuttlecock fern, vigorous and striking. Needs some moisture to reach full size. Deciduous. ..
Omphalodes cappadocica 'Cherry Ingram'
Large pert blue starry flowers in April. Shade or semi-shade ..
Omphalodes cappadocica 'Starry Eyes'
Large, highly sought after, pert blue starry flowers with white centres in April. Shade or semi-s..
Pachysandra procumbens
RARE - Evergreen species with broad grey green toothed leaves and attractive buds in autumn and wint..
Cultivars grow well in dry shade with evergreen fronds. Shade or semi-shade ..
Lovely evergreen fern with dainty finely cut fronds. Shade or semi-shade ..
Delicate fronds. Shade or semi-shade ..