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Stout stems carry masses of pale lemon yellow daisy flowers in September/October. Large plants. ..
Helleborus 'Winter Sunshine'
Deep green glossy foliage with terminal clusters of creamy white flowers in February which fade..
Helleborus x hybridus 'Bradfield Picotee'
Beautiful veining on the outside of the flower in shades of pink and purple with black nectaries in ..
Helleborus x hybridus - Bradfield anemone centred
Half way house between a double and single with semi-double flowers in a range of colours in Februar..
Helleborus x hybridus - Bradfield hybrid double
Double forms which have the same vigour as all Bradfield hybrids. Flowers in February. Sun o..
Helleborus x hybridus - Bradfield Hybrids
Long lived strong plants with large flowers and good foliage. The flowers tend to be more uprig..
Deep red with a golden yellow throat in July. Sun ..
Hemerocallis 'Gentle Shepherd'
Lovely white flowers in July. Sun ..
Hemerocallis 'George Cunningham'
Dark free flowering stems. Clear melon orange flowers with a pink sheen and ruffled egdes in July. ..
Hemerocallis 'Mallard'
Deep red with a yellow throat in July. Sun ..
Low growing with neat foliage and small golden yellow trumpet flowers in July. Sun ..
Slender spires of gladiolus type soft pink starry flowers in October until the first sharp frosts. ..
Slender spires of red gladiolus type flowers in autumn. Sun ..
Slender spires of shining pale pink gladiolus type flowers in autumn. Sun ..
Slender spires of deep pink gladiolus type flowers in autumn. Sun ..