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Native cowslip, common in East Anglia, grows in lovely swathes around the nusery. Sun or semi-sha..
Ranunculus acris 'Citrinus'
Almost leafless branching stems carry small lemon yellow flowers. Position: Sun or s..
Ranunculus acris 'Flore Pleno'
Small double yellow buttercups in May. Position: Sun or semi-shade Size: 1 li..
Ranunculus ficaria 'Brazen Hussy'
Dark brown polished leaves with yellow celandine flowers in April. Semi-shade ..
Roscoea cautleyoides
Yellow orchid flowers in June. Moist humus rich soil. Shade ..
Black Eyed Susan. Deep yellow black eyed flowers in August and September. Sun ..
Finely cut leaves with wiry stems which carry lemon yellow flowers in late summer and autumn. Sun..
RARE - Stiff stems carry nodding yellow tubular-shaped flowers in April. Semi-shade ..
Smyrnium perfoliatum
A triannual that maintains itself by mildly seeding around. Bright green bracts bring a freshness an..
Large yellow daisy flowers in July to September. Sun ..
Clear yellow long funnel-shaped spurred flowers held in terminal corymbs on this beautiful species f..
Tricyrtis ohsumiensis
Pairs of rich green pointed leaves with large yellow exotic flowers in September. Shade or semi-s..
Lovely yellow flowers of the clover family in late June. Retentive soil. Sun or semi-shade ..
Trillium luteum
Interesting mottled foliage with pale yellow flowers in April. Retentive soil. Shade ..
Lovely lemon yellow flowers from May to July. Shade or semi-shade ..