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RARE - Emerging stems and young leaves stained chocolate brown. Best grown in full sun to retain col..
Large plants with arching stems and shining green leaves, White and green flushed bells in May. R..
Polygonatum hybridum 'Striatum'
RARE - Boldly striped leaves that are edged creamy white and creamy flowers with green tips in April..
Polygonatum odoratum
Green flushed scented flowers in April. Soil: Rich Position: Semi-shade Size: 1 ..
Green flushed scented double flowers in April. Soil: Rich Position: Semi-shade Size:&..
Polygonatum odoratum 'Red Stem'
A form of this species with slowly creeping rhizomes and arching brilliant red stems of alternate le..
Foliage shimmers like silver with green flushed double flowers in April. Semi-shade ..
Arching perennial with narrow fleshy rhizomes and clusters of pendant tubular greenish flowers in la..
Erect scrambling climbing perennial with robust glabrous stems from stout creeping rhizomes. The tip..
Smyrnium perfoliatum
A triannual that maintains itself by mildly seeding around. Bright green bracts bring a freshness an..
North American perennial plant with alternate oblong lanceolate leaves. The greenish white flowers h..