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Hosta 'Krossa Regal'
Large handsome grey leaves with tall stems ideal for flower arranging. Lilac flowers in summer. S..
Hosta sieboldiana var. 'Elegans'
Popular plant forming mounds of large blue green ribbed leaves. Flowers of lilac mauve in August. ..
Hosta undulata var. univittata (variegata)
Pretty spirally twisted cream variegated leaves with lilac flowers in June. Position: Sha..
Bearded iris with deep rich purple scented flowers, falls fully reflexed, in late May Sun ..
Iris japonica 'Ledger'
Creeping ground level stems send up fans of evergreen leaves with orchid-like flowers in early summe..
Iris japonica 'Variegata'
Attractive sickle-shaped leaves, much loved by flower designers. Orchid-like flowers in May. Shad..
Carmine red violet pea-shaped flowers early in April appearing as the leaves unfold. Semi-shade ..
Lilium martagon
RARE - Turks cap lily with purple spotted flowers on tall stiff stems in June. Position: ..
Nectaroscordum siculum subsp.bulgaricum
Creamy green and faintly purple flushed bells in June with interesting seed heads. Sun or semi-sh..
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
Arching strap-shaped black leaves make spidery clusters with short sprays of tiny mauve bells a..
Papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum'
Velvety crushed blackcurrant flowers in May. Sun ..
Spreading semi-evergreen attractive low growing variety with pretty carpets of pale to deep lilac bl..
Spikes of pale lilac pink tubular flowers in September/October. Sun ..
Physostegia virginiana var. speciosa 'Variegata'
Leaves boldly edged with white and rich lilac pink flowers in September/October. Sun ..
Large heads of silky lilac mauve flowers in May. Sun or semi-shade ..