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Physostegia virginiana var. speciosa 'Variegata'
Leaves boldly edged with white and rich lilac pink flowers in September/October. Sun ..
A creeping form of low growing fleshy foliage with purple pink starry flowers in early summer. Se..
Polygonatum verticilatum rubrum
RARE - Whorls of glaucous leaves with pink flowers in May followed by red berries in the autumn. ..
Magnificent strain of candelabra primulas in mixed flower colours. Sun ..
Candelabra primula with cerise to wine red flowers with a dark eye. Flowers in July and August. D..
Cream variegated foliage with pink flowers in March. Semi-shade ..
Pale pink flowers in July. Shade or semi-shade ..
Pink flowers in June/July. Damp humus soil. Shade ..
Pretty sprays of star-shaped flowers from North Western America where it grows along damp banks and ..
Sedum erythrostictum 'Frosty Morn'
White variegated leaves and pink white flowers in August/September. Sun ..
Wide flower heads open pink in September and later deepen to orangey red and brown. Goo..
Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh'
Satin pink flowers in summer. Sun ..
Tiarella 'Pink Bouquet'
Chocolate starred maple-shaped leaves with spikes of pink flowers in April to July. Semi-shade ..
This rare species grows on bare shady vertical cliffs in Taiwan. Bearing good sized terminal fu..
Trillium flexipes x erectum
Beautiful pink flowers in April. Retentive soil. Shade ..