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Leucanthemum x superbum 'Algaia'
Fluffy double white flowers with yellow centres from June to August. Sun ..
Upright stems carry heads of white bell-shaped flowers in March/April. Fine in heavy soil. Sem..
Leucojum autumnale
Small snowdrop-like flowers in autumn. Seeds well. Sun ..
Lysimachia clethroides
Spikes of tiny white flowers in June. Sun ..
Grey green leathery leaves with slender spikes of starry white flowers lasting all summer. Sun ..
Creeping woodlander with broad oval leaves and spikes of white flowers in April. Humus rich soil...
Hairy stems of elliptic ciliate leaves terminating in a panicle of white flowers in April follo..
Hanging scented white flowers in April. Vigorous and makes a good clump in rich soil. Shade or se..
Mukdenia rossii
Large palmate leaves colouring red in the autumn with spikes of small white flowers before the leave..
Pachysandra procumbens
RARE - Evergreen species with broad grey green toothed leaves and attractive buds in autumn and wint..
Large plumes of cream flowers in June and July. Sun ..
Interesting foliage with pretty white flowers in April. Semi-shade ..
Large waxy white flowers in May. Position: Semi-shade Size: 2 litre ..
Arching stems with long crescent-shaped alternative leaves bearing white bell-like flowers with gree..
Fat creamy white flowers in May. Position: Semi-shade Size: 1 litre ..