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Hairy stems of elliptic ciliate leaves terminating in a panicle of white flowers in April follo..
Hanging scented white flowers in April. Vigorous and makes a good clump in rich soil. Shade or se..
Wonderful terminal panicle of yellow star-shaped flowers in May with orange berries in autumn. Sh..
Mukdenia rossii
Large palmate leaves colouring red in the autumn with spikes of small white flowers before the leave..
Muscari neglectum 'Jenny Robinson'
Palest scented blue flowers from green buds. Sun or semi-shade ..
Muscari paradoxum
Deepest blue spires. Sun or semi-shade ..
Omphalodes cappadocica 'Cherry Ingram'
Large pert blue starry flowers in April. Shade or semi-shade ..
Omphalodes cappadocica 'Starry Eyes'
Large, highly sought after, pert blue starry flowers with white centres in April. Shade or semi-s..
Pachysandra procumbens
RARE - Evergreen species with broad grey green toothed leaves and attractive buds in autumn and wint..
Interesting foliage with pretty white flowers in April. Semi-shade ..
Large waxy white flowers in May. Position: Semi-shade Size: 2 litre ..
Large heads of silky lilac mauve flowers in May. Sun or semi-shade ..
Polygonatum curvistylum
Slender arching stems clothed with purple tinted leaves and little mauve flowers in June. Retenti..
Arching stems with long crescent-shaped alternative leaves bearing white bell-like flowers with gree..
Arching stems bearing long narrow yellowish bell-like flowers with green tips during May and June. ..