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A creeping form of low growing fleshy foliage with purple pink starry flowers in early summer. Se..
Polygonatum odoratum 'Red Stem'
A form of this species with slowly creeping rhizomes and arching brilliant red stems of alternate le..
Perennial form with raspberry red flowers and a deep red centre with flowers from July to September...
Primula florindae
Candelabra primulae with nodding light yellow scented flowers in July. Damp soil. Sun ..
Candelabra primula with cerise to wine red flowers with a dark eye. Flowers in July and August. D..
Bronze tinted foliage with architectural qualities and creamy white flowers in early summer. Damp..
Pale pink flowers in July. Shade or semi-shade ..
Mauve flowers in June/July. Damp humus soil. Shade ..
Roscoea cautleyoides
Yellow orchid flowers in June. Moist humus rich soil. Shade ..
Deep mauve flowers in June/July. Damp humus soil. Shade ..
Pink flowers in June/July. Damp humus soil. Shade ..
Black Eyed Susan. Deep yellow black eyed flowers in August and September. Sun ..
Violet blue spikes from July to September. Sun ..
Salvia scalrea L. var. turkstanica hort.
Magnificant scented rosy red bracts in July. Sun ..
A frost hardy clump forming perennial with mid green leaves and steel blue flowers which are borne f..