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Floriferous and long blooming. Extremely large blue flowers with large white centres and dark maroon..
Geranium 'Salome'
Trails about the border and flowers all summer. Small dusky violet pink flowers veined with darker v..
Geranium 'Tanya Rendall'
Excellent ground cover with deep green bronze leaves and rich cerise flowers all summer. Sun ..
Geranium himalayense 'Graveyte'
Lovely blue flowers in summer. Sun or semi-shade ..
Beautiful double flowers in shades of rose purple and blue in midsummer. Sun or semi-shade ..
Compact and tough with dark brown foliage. Bright pink flowers in June/July. Sun or semi-shade ..
Geranium magnificum 'Rosemoor'
Handsome dark green foliage which colours well in the autumn. Rich dark blue heavily veined flowers ..
Strong grower in heavy shade with white flowers in June. Shade or semi-shade ..
Geranium pratense 'Mrs Kendall Clarke'
Clear slate blue flowers with veining and charcoal anthers. Sun or semi-shade ..
Geranium psilostemon
Superb foliage with deeply cut leaves and good autumn colour. Bright magenta pink flowers with an in..
Dark magenta flowers in summer. Sun or semi-shade ..
Geranium sangineum var. striatum
Pretty pale pink flowers veined crimson in June. Sun or semi-shade ..
Handsome dark green foliage which colours well in the autumn. Rich violet blue heavily veined flower..
Lovely nodding lemon yellow flowers. Retentive soil. Shade or semi-shade ..
Geum 'Lionel Cox'
Stunning bright green leaves in basal rosettes. Large yellow flowers touched with apricot in April. ..