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Galanthus 'Ermine House'
An excellent regular double with proportionately long outer segments. It usually shows separate apic..
Galanthus 'Faringdon Double'
The earliest double snowdrop to flower; sometimes flowering at Christmas. Found by Ruby and David Ba..
Galanthus 'Fieldgate Prelude'
From Colin Mason – a superb early snowdrop from Mrs MacNamara. The inner markings diffuse away, up t..
Galanthus 'Fieldgate Superb'
Another raised by Colin Mason. Flowers late; a vigorous and a superb plicate hybrid which has an ele..
Galanthus 'Framlingham Double'
This snowdrop originates from the collection at Anglesey Abbey, but it bears many similarities with ..
Galanthus 'Galatea'
The modern stock of this plant is worth growing owing to the large shapely flowers. Similar to Magne..
Galanthus 'Green Man'
Of unknown origin. Large flowered with a bold X-shaped marking on the inner segments with attractive..
Galanthus 'Heffalump'
Named by Primrose Warburg using the family nickname for her husband. A good regular double with very..
Galanthus 'Hill Poe'
Late flowering double, whereby the solid looking flower is tightly packed with inner segments that f..
Galanthus 'Hippolyta'
One of the shortest extant Greatorex clones, consistently producing neat double rounded flowers. Bro..
Galanthus 'Hobson's Choice'
Prolific snowdrop found at Anglesey Abbey and named after a local horse dealer. According to folklor..
Galanthus 'Homersfield'
Found by Michael Broadhurst in the Suffolk village of the same name. Robust and grows well in heavy ..
Galanthus 'Imbolc'
Although from the Mighty Atom stable, this cultivar is distinguished by the separate basal marks usu..
Galanthus 'Ivy Cottage Corporal'
From Michael Broadhurst – the first of his Ivy Cottage series. This fine hybrid has two fine Vs, jus..
Galanthus 'Ivy Cottage Green Tip'
A Michael Broadhurst introduction - this distinct snowdrop is an interesting form of elwesii, which ..