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Galanthus 'Benhall Beauty'
A tall plant with long elegant flowers and a blue tinge to its glaucous foliage. ..
Galanthus 'Bertram Anderson'
A good vigorous snowdrop with very long outer petals and a broad deep green sinus mark. ..
Galanthus 'Bill Bishop'
Early flowering cultivar, readily identified by its enormous, almost disproportionately longer ..
Galanthus 'Bitton' (Nivalis)
Has a tall, strong, sturdy stem and slightly inflated, curved spathe. Inner segments have a broad, o..
Galanthus 'Blewbury Tart' (Nivalis)
An Alan Street introduction, found in Blewbury, Oxon. An upright snowdrop with outward facing flower..
Galanthus 'Blewbury' (Nivalis)
Nicely proportioned snowdrop which will create a fine display. Earlier to flower than S Arnott, but ..
Galanthus 'Bowles Large Form' plicatus
Good plicate introduced by E A Bowles. ..
Galanthus 'Brigadier Mathias'
A large and robust snowdrop from Chalford, Gloucestershire. ..
Galanthus 'Broadleigh Gardens' (Elwesii Hiemalis)
Hiemalis was first noted in the garden of Sir Frederick Stern at Highdown. The name applies to any e..
Galanthus 'Byfield Special'
A sturdy plant with large single flowers. The outer segments are conspicuously clawed at the ba..
Galanthus 'Byzantinus' (Plicatus subsp)
This snowdrop differs from plicatus by having two green marks on each inner segment. ..
Galanthus 'Cambridge' (reginae-olgae subsp)
Outer segments are thickly textured and prominently ridged, with a distinct apiculum that gives the ..
Galanthus 'Cedric's Prolific' (Elwesii)
The flower has green tips and a long narrow, deep green V-shaped mark. Prolific and multiplies quick..
Galanthus 'Chequers' (Plicatus)
Large, rounded flowers, can weigh down scapes.  Outer segments ridged and dimpled.  Inner ..
Galanthus 'Colossus' (Plicatus)
Early January flowering with robust flowers, often with two very thick scapes. Leaves develop as flo..