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Galanthus 'Jacquenetta'
A Greatorex double with beautiful symmetrical segments heavily marked with green. ..
Galanthus 'James Backhouse'
A cultivar of Atkinsii with flowers somewhat aberrant. Curious and first distributed by the nurserym..
Galanthus 'John Gray'
A firm favourite and in the top ten of any collectors’ snowdrops. Bottle green flowers on perfectly ..
Galanthus 'Ketton'
A classic snowdrop and very easy to grow, introduced by E A Bowles in the 1950s. The flowe..
Galanthus 'Kingston Double'
Discovered in the early 1970s by Elizabeth Parker-Jervis.  A fine double snowdrop which stands ..
Galanthus 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'
Possibly from the garden of Barbara Buchanan who brought bulbs from her mother, Lady Beatrix Stanley..
Galanthus 'Lapwing'
A truly excellent and distinctive cultivar. The triangular flowers are held over bluish, glaucous fo..
Galanthus 'Lavinia'
Although similar to Cordelia, this double differs in having, on average, six less inner segments whi..
Galanthus 'Lerinda'
Selected in 1970 by Ken Aslet, formerly of Kew. January flowering with large flowers; clumps up quic..
Galanthus 'Limetree'
An Oliver Wyatt selected clone of Atkinsii. Is the original lost? Like a slim-looking Atkinsii. Disc..
Galanthus 'Little Ben' ex Cambo
Probably the finest member of the Mighty Atom complex. The origin of this plant is somewhat confused..
Galanthus 'Little John'
Found by Phil Cornish in 1992, in E B Anderson’s former garden. Tall robust hybrid with la..
Galanthus 'Lyn'
A vigorous clone of ‘Atkinsii’, found in 1981 by Lyn Sales near Cirencester. Mid January flowering; ..
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Galanthus 'Magnet'
A robust old cultivar which still retains a charm due to its long pedicel. Erect, tall, narrow,..
Galanthus 'Mr Thompson'
Good snowdrop with a single inner mark. Vigorous and easy to grow. ..