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Galanthus 'Comet' (Elwesii) x2
Large, shapely flowers carried on a long, arching pedicel. The green markings on the outer segments ..
Galanthus 'Cowhouse Green'
Fairly tall snowdrop with a lovely pale diffused inner segment marking and pale green shading o..
Galanthus 'Curly'
Heavily textured, highly fragrant, large flowers have green markings on the outer segments and a par..
This snowdrop has faint green lines on the tips of the outer segments. The inner segment marking clo..
Galanthus 'David Shackleton' (Elwesii)
Late flowering plant with fine, rather statuesque upright pale foliage. The smooth pristine flowers ..
Galanthus 'Desdemona'
Relatively large flowered, irregular double, most strongly distinguished by the frequent appearance ..
Galanthus 'Diggory' (Plicatus)
A distinct plicatus, outer segments are strongly puckered and curl inwards. Definite green mark..
Galanthus 'Ding Dong'
A distinct early flowering hybrid, possibly with gracilis as a parent. With a pale yellow-green ovar..
Galanthus 'Dionysus'
A Greatorex double, which will ccasionally will throw single or semi-double flowers. ..
Galanthus 'Donald Simms Early' (Elwesii Hiemalis Group)
Flowering in early November, it has a classic narrow V-shaped inner segment marking. Albeit small, t..
Galanthus 'Edinburgh Ketton' (plicatus)
Large flowers with a solid green inner mark. ..
Galanthus 'Elfin' (Nivalis)
A diminutive snowdrop of approx 7.5cm. It is prolific and has proportionately short, fang‑like outer..
Galanthus 'Epiphany'
Elegant single snowdrop with a neat horseshoe sinus mark on the inners. ..
Galanthus 'Ermine House'
An excellent regular double with proportionately long outer segments. It usually shows separate apic..
Galanthus 'Faringdon Double'
Earliest double snowdrop to flower. Large flower has regular inner segments with a bold heart shaped..