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Galanthus 'Fieldgate Prelude'
Inner markings diffuse away, up to the ovary. ..
Galanthus 'Fieldgate Superb'
Late flowering, vigorous with an elegant flower, long pedicel and a distinctive, clear-cut X mark, p..
Galanthus 'Florence Baker' plicatus
Handsome, tall and early flowering (late December and into January). Wide, well developed leaves at ..
Galanthus 'Fosteri'
The leaves are broad and dark green with apical and basal marks on the inner perianth. ..
Galanthus 'Fox Farm' ( Plicatus subsp Byzantinus)
A particularly good form of Galanthus plicatus subsp byzantinus. ..
Galanthus 'Framlingham Double'
Demonstrates the classic morphology of the immature floral phase; mature phase flowers are not seen...
Galanthus 'Galatea'
Large shapely flowers with V mark on the inner segment at an almost perfect right angle. Also u..
Galanthus 'Godfrey Owen' (Elwesii)
The only elwesii cultivar to have six outer and six inner segments.  A beautiful and unique Sno..
Galanthus 'Green Hayes'
Lovely rounded large flower with the outers showing good thick texture. Distinct mark on the inners,..
Galanthus 'Green Man'
Rare and large flowered with a bold X-shaped marking on the inner segments and attractive goffered m..
Galanthus 'Green Necklace'
The flowers have a crisp V shaped mark with a paler band of colour (the “necklace”) near the base. ..
Robust snowdrop with two distinct sinus marks towards the apex of the inners and a broad mark at the..
Galanthus 'Heffalump'
A good regular double with very visible markings on the inner segments.  ..
Galanthus 'Henham No.1' (Plicatus)
Globular flowers exhibit a solid green marking that reaches the base of the inner segments. Strong g..
Galanthus 'Highdown' (Gracilis)
Typically has rather narrow leaves, often twisted and bright, pale, olive green to yellow ovaries. F..