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Galanthus 'Ruth Birchall'
Good, late snowdrop grown by the late Ruth Birchall at Cotswold Farm. Flowering in late March it has..
Galanthus 'S Arnott'
An old variety that has stood the test of time and dates back to 1951. Single flowered hybrid with a..
Galanthus 'Seagull'
Found by George Chiswell. A robust snowdrop, better than Mighty Atom, often with two scapes. Chunky,..
A fine hybrid from Sutton Court. Large weighty flowers with ridged outer segments and dark green inn..
Galanthus 'Silverwells'
Atkinsii lookalike, believed to have occurred at Edrom Nursery, Berwickshire. Less triangular flower..
Galanthus 'Spindlestone Surprise'
A strong and vigorous yellow hybrid. Found in 1997 by Ron McBeath and Jim Jermyn at Spindlestone, No..
Galanthus 'St Pancras'
A chunky, nicely marked double flower found by Alan Street. It is tall and robust with bold grey lea..
Galanthus 'Straffan'
A good, late snowdrop originating in Ireland. It is of medium stature and always has two scapes per ..
Galanthus 'The Apothecary
Rarely offered and not listed in ‘Snowdrops’. Nevertheless this is a worthwhile hybrid between nival..
Galanthus 'Timeless Teresa'
A new hybrid with large flowers in mid January.  A good, solid mark on the inners and dark gree..
Galanthus 'Trymlet'
Selected from seedlings of plicatus ‘Trym’ by the late Kathleen Beddington and named by Sue and Wol ..
Galanthus 'Trymposter'
A seedling from Trym found at Avon Bulbs. Lovely green outer markings. A vigorous bulb that increase..
A sturdy and striking cultivar originating at Washfield Nursery. This snowdrop is tall with contrast..
Galanthus 'Winifrede Mathias'
Distinct within this division with good arching pedicel and pale olive green elongated ovary. ..
Galanthus 'Wisley Magnet'
Described by Nutt in 1993, this cultivar has a long pedicel like Magnet, but in this plant the pedic..