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Galanthus 'Peardrop'
Exquisite, strong growing snowdrop with lovely rounded, highly scented flowers that ‘hang like a lit..
Galanthus 'Peg Sharples'
Exquisite, rare snowdrop with long and shapely flowers having a pale, diffused, inner segment markin..
Galanthus 'Penelope Ann' (Elwesii)
Rare, handsome, bold snowdrop with a large sinus mark and long outer segments. Has an arching pedice..
Large flowers on tall scapes above broad, arching channelled foliage ..
Galanthus 'Peter Gatehouse'
October flowering, with dark green mark on internal segments; good sized, triangular flowers marked ..
Galanthus 'Porlock No 2'
Long claws with good shaped flowers and stiffly pendulous outer segments; a variation of ‘White Wing..
Galanthus 'Pride o' the Mill'
Scapes are slender and erect. A yellowish ovary is rounded and the thick outer segments concave.&nbs..
Galanthus 'Primrose Warburg'
Desirable, with pale leaves, a yellow ovary and clear yellow inner segment markings. ..
Double flowers with green tips on the outer petals. ..
Galanthus 'Rainbow Farm Early' (Elwesii Hiemalis Group)
Another early flowering elwesii which is distinct and neat. This cultivar flowers in November, later..
Galanthus 'Remember Remember' elwesii
Beautifully marked flowers have broad heart shape, sometimes with fine green markings on the outers,..
Galanthus 'Reverend Hailstone'
A large hybrid; robust and reaching a height of 30cm. ..
Galanthus 'Richard Ayres'
A magnificent full double snowdrop with variable numbers of outer segments and variable markings on ..
Galanthus 'Robin Hood'
A tall snowdrop, upright in leaf, stem and spathe. Beautifully shaped sparkling flowers, held on a s..
Galanthus 'Rodmarton'
A sturdy upright plant, one of the tallest double hybrids, and earliest to flower. ..