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Galanthus 'Remember Remember' elwesii
Beautifully marked flowers have broad heart shape, sometimes with fine green markings on the outers,..
Galanthus 'Reverend Hailstone'
A large hybrid; robust and reaching a height of 30cm. ..
Galanthus 'Richard Ayres'
A magnificent full double snowdrop with variable numbers of outer segments and variable markings on ..
Galanthus 'rizehensis'
Green leaved species, both small in stature and flower. ..
Galanthus 'Robin Hood'
A tall snowdrop, upright in leaf, stem and spathe. Beautifully shaped sparkling flowers, held on a s..
Galanthus 'Rodmarton'
A sturdy upright plant, one of the tallest double hybrids, and earliest to flower. ..
Galanthus 'Ruth Birchall'
Good, late snowdrop flowering in late March, it has a bold inner mark with long outers. The convolut..
Galanthus 'S Arnott'
Single flowered hybrid with a good mark on inners. ..
Galanthus 'Seagull'
A robust snowdrop, better than Mighty Atom, often with two scapes. Chunky, sculptured, honey scented..
Galanthus 'Selborne Green Tips' (Elwesii)
Excellent early flowering with striking green markings on the outers. Regularly produces a second pe..
Galanthus 'Sentinel'
A fine hybrid from Sutton Court. Large weighty flowers with ridged outer segments and dark green inn..
Galanthus 'Sheds and Outhouses' elwesii
Robust, November flowering snowdrop with large, rounded inner mark and distinct green markings on th..
Galanthus 'Sickle' (Elwesii)
Rare and stunning, reasonably tall cultivar with broad arching foliage. The scape terminates at..
Galanthus 'Silverwells'
Atkinsii lookalike with less triangular flower outline and lack of aberrant segments. ..
Galanthus 'Spindlestone Surprise'
A strong and vigorous yellow hybrid which appears to be a cross between plicatus and nivalis Sa..