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Galanthus 'Timeless Teresa'
A new hybrid with large flowers in mid January.  A good, solid mark on the inners and dark gree..
Galanthus 'Titania'
Superb, regular flowered double that rarely shows aberrant segments. Narrow, widely splayed foliage...
Galanthus 'Trymlet'
Both inner and outer segments have beautiful pale green markings, but the marking on the outer segme..
Galanthus 'Trymposter'
Lovely green outer markings. A vigorous bulb that increases quickly. ..
Galanthus 'Tubby Merlin'
Often produces two upright scapes that contrast superbly with the almost prostrate, grey foliage. Di..
Galanthus 'Two Eyes' (Elwesii Edward Whittall Group)
The only cultivar in this group with green marks near the apex of the outer segments. These can vary..
Galanthus 'Vic Horton' gracilis
At about 10cm high when in flower, this is a dainty snowdrop. With typical twisted leaves, this clon..
Originally discovered in the 1920s in Holland, with name applied to many forms of nivalis with green..
Galanthus 'Walrus' nivalis
Often variable in the width of outer segments, ideally they should be narrow, like tusks. ..
Galanthus 'Wandlebury Ring' plicatus
Tall, vigorous snowdrop with soft, greenish yellow ovary and inner mark. Bright green leaves. ..
Galanthus 'Warei' (Nivalis)
This cultivar has one of the best‑developed spathes of any Galanthus of up to 11cm long. Solid green..
Galanthus 'Warham Rectory' plicatus
Vigorous and easy. ..
Galanthus 'Washfield Colesbourne'
A sturdy and striking cultivar originating at Washfield Nursery. This snowdrop is tall with contrast..
Galanthus 'Washfield Warham' (plicatus)
Finale – one of the best clones of this division. It is a medium sized cultivar with broad, widely s..
Galanthus 'Winifrede Mathias'
Distinct within this division with good arching pedicel and pale olive green elongated ovary. ..