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Galanthus 'Penelope Ann' (Elwesii)
Rare, handsome, bold snowdrop with a large sinus mark and long outer segments. Has an arching pedice..
Galanthus 'Rainbow Farm Early' (Elwesii Hiemalis Group)
Another early flowering elwesii which is distinct and neat. This cultivar flowers in November, later..
Galanthus 'Selborne Green Tips' (Elwesii)
Excellent early flowering with striking green markings on the outers. Regularly produces a second pe..
Galanthus 'Sheds and Outhouses' elwesii
Robust, November flowering snowdrop with large, rounded inner mark and distinct green markings on th..
Galanthus 'Sickle' (Elwesii)
Rare and stunning, reasonably tall cultivar with broad arching foliage. The scape terminates at..
Galanthus 'Two Eyes' (Elwesii Edward Whittall Group)
The only cultivar in this group with green marks near the apex of the outer segments. These can vary..
Galanthus 'Yvonne Hay (Elwesii)
This huge Elwesii, previously known as Maximus, has very broad foliage and large bulbs which lead to..
Galanthus 'Zwanenburg' ex Cambo (Elwesii)
Produces second scape from robust bulb in a pale olive green colour with inner segment marking and o..
Galanthus Elwesii var Elwesii
A large species growing wild in Turkey, Yugoslavia, Northern Greece, Southern Ukraine and Bulgaria. ..
Galanthus elwesii var monostictus
This beautiful cultivar with a convolute, grey leaf typically flowers in January, with a definite si..