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Galanthus 'Augustus' (Plicatus)
An attractive globular flower; this plicate has dimpled petals. ..
Galanthus 'Babraham Dwarf' (Plicatus)
A compact plant with rounded flowers and a pale olive green ovary. The leaves are noticeably short a..
Galanthus 'Bowles Large Form' plicatus
Good plicate introduced by E A Bowles. ..
Galanthus 'Byzantinus' (Plicatus subsp)
This snowdrop differs from plicatus by having two green marks on each inner segment. ..
Galanthus 'Chequers' (Plicatus)
Large, rounded flowers, can weigh down scapes.  Outer segments ridged and dimpled.  Inner ..
Galanthus 'Colossus' (Plicatus)
Early January flowering with robust flowers, often with two very thick scapes. Leaves develop as flo..
Galanthus 'Diggory' (Plicatus)
A distinct plicatus, outer segments are strongly puckered and curl inwards. Definite green mark..
Galanthus 'Edinburgh Ketton' (plicatus)
Large flowers with a solid green inner mark. ..
Galanthus 'Florence Baker' plicatus
Handsome, tall and early flowering (late December and into January). Wide, well developed leaves at ..
Galanthus 'Fox Farm' ( Plicatus subsp Byzantinus)
A particularly good form of Galanthus plicatus subsp byzantinus. ..
Galanthus 'Henham No.1' (Plicatus)
Globular flowers exhibit a solid green marking that reaches the base of the inner segments. Strong g..
Large flowers on tall scapes above broad, arching channelled foliage ..
Galanthus 'The Pearl' (Plicatus ex Rod Leeds)
An elegant flower, beautifully pendant and with inners of apple green. Wide plicate leaves of deep g..
Galanthus 'Three Ships' plicatus
Classic snowdrop, flowering early at Christmas. Found by John Morley under an ancient cork oak at He..
Galanthus 'Wandlebury Ring' plicatus
Tall, vigorous snowdrop with soft, greenish yellow ovary and inner mark. Bright green leaves. ..