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A beautiful snowdrop from the same provenance as Angelique and Gloria. A soft, green inner mark with..
Galanthus nivalis 'Bitton'
Has a tall, strong, sturdy stem and slightly inflated, curved spathe. Inner segments have a broad, o..
Galanthus nivalis 'Blewbury Tart'
An Alan Street introduction, found in Blewbury, Oxon. An upright snowdrop with outward facing flower..
Galanthus nivalis 'Blewbury'
Nicely proportioned snowdrop which will create a fine display. Earlier to flower than S Arnott, but ..
Galanthus nivalis 'Wonston Double'
Originally from the former home of the Hon Lewis Palmer, Winchester. An attractive double with numer..
Galanthus nivalis ‘Angelique’
With evenly elongated inner segments showing two bold deep-green dots ..