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Galanthus 'Angelique' (nivalis)
With evenly elongated inner segments showing two bold deep-green dots. Good 'poculiform'. ..
Galanthus 'Anglesey Abbey' (Nivalis)
Flowers show a strong tendency to ‘poculiform’, with inner segments having little or no green s..
Galanthus 'Art Nouveau' (Nivalis)
A beautiful snowdrop bearing a soft, green inner mark with long outer segments and soft green l..
Galanthus 'Bitton' (Nivalis)
Has a tall, strong, sturdy stem and slightly inflated, curved spathe. Inner segments have a broad, o..
Galanthus 'Blewbury Tart' (Nivalis)
An Alan Street introduction, found in Blewbury, Oxon. An upright snowdrop with outward facing flower..
Galanthus 'Blewbury' (Nivalis)
Nicely proportioned snowdrop which will create a fine display. Earlier to flower than S Arnott, but ..
Galanthus 'Elfin' (Nivalis)
A diminutive snowdrop of approx 7.5cm. It is prolific and has proportionately short, fang‑like outer..
Galanthus 'Lady Elphinstone' (Nivalis)
This is a yellow marked nivalis discovered in 1890 in Cheshire. The yellow flower colour can be irre..
Double flowers with green tips on the outer petals. ..
Originally discovered in the 1920s in Holland, with name applied to many forms of nivalis with green..
Galanthus 'Walrus' nivalis
Often variable in the width of outer segments, ideally they should be narrow, like tusks. ..
Galanthus 'Warei' (Nivalis)
This cultivar has one of the best‑developed spathes of any Galanthus of up to 11cm long. Solid green..
Galanthus 'Wonston Double' nivalis
An attractive double with numerous, tightly packed, inner segments which produce a pompon effect in ..