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This snowdrop is a beautiful plant. The flowers are a tightly packed double with the inner segments ..
Galanthus 'Pride o' the Mill'
Scapes are slender and erect. A yellowish ovary is rounded and the thick outer segments concave.&nbs..
Galanthus gracilis 'Vic Horton'
At about 10cm high when in flower, this is a dainty snowdrop. With typical twisted leaves, this clon..
Galanthus reginae-olgae
Handsome snowdrop – the first species to flower in the garden, early to mid October. The upper surfa..
From Anglesey Abbey. It has a white spathe as usual but the outer segments are paddle shaped and lac..
Often produces two scapes per bulb.  Short in stature. Outer segments have a prominent claw at ..
Galanthus rizehensis
Green leaved species and distributed by Sir Fredrich Stearn. ..
Galanthus rizehensis 'Baytop'
A magnificent example of rizehensis, with much broader foliage than is familiar with this species. B..