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Galanthus 'Alex Duguid' (reginae-olgae subsp. vernalis)
Flowers around Christmas.  Stiffly upright scapes with long, narrow flowers.  Outer segmen..
Galanthus 'Baytop' rizehensis
A magnificent example of rizehensis, with much broader foliage than is familiar with this species. B..
Galanthus 'Cambridge' (reginae-olgae subsp)
Outer segments are thickly textured and prominently ridged, with a distinct apiculum that gives the ..
Galanthus 'Fosteri'
The leaves are broad and dark green with apical and basal marks on the inner perianth. ..
Galanthus 'Green Necklace'
The flowers have a crisp V shaped mark with a paler band of colour (the “necklace”) near the base. ..
Galanthus 'Highdown' (Gracilis)
Typically has rather narrow leaves, often twisted and bright, pale, olive green to yellow ovaries. F..
A stunning hybrid producing 2 stems from each bulb to give a dazzling effect en masse. ..
Galanthus 'Pride o' the Mill'
Scapes are slender and erect. A yellowish ovary is rounded and the thick outer segments concave.&nbs..
Galanthus 'rizehensis'
Green leaved species, both small in stature and flower. ..
An exceptional Irish snowdrop from Primrose Hill, Lucan. This extraordinary snowdrop is remarkably l..
Galanthus 'Vic Horton' gracilis
At about 10cm high when in flower, this is a dainty snowdrop. With typical twisted leaves, this clon..
Galanthus reginae-olgae
The first species to flower in the garden, early to mid October. The upper surface has a conspicuous..
It has a white spathe as usual but the outer segments are paddle shaped and lack the green markings ..
Often produces two scapes per bulb.  Short in stature. Outer segments have a prominent claw at ..