Garden Design

A well designed garden leads to easier maintenance and greater enjoyment of your ‘outside room’. Harveys Garden Plants offers a bespoke, full garden design consultancy service. Roger works with clients to turn their thoughts into a practical and aesthetic reality.

The aim is to provide the client with borders which have colour all year round. This is usually achieved with a mixture of shrubs and herbaceous planting. Perennials are always planted in sufficient numbers to achieve waves of colour, rather like a painting.

Having a good knowledge of plants enables me to place plants where they will thrive; taking account of aspect, moisture and soil conditions is vital. A plant growing in the ‘wrong place’ will never give of its best. People have often wasted considerable sums of money by not giving these factors adequate consideration. Dealing with these basics first provides a firm foundation for creating a realistic and artistic design in accord with clients’ wishes.

A charge of £100 is made for the initial site visit. This is rebated to the customer when the project goes ahead.

The level of input by Roger and his team varies according to the client’s wishes. Sometimes the plan is drawn and plants supplied whilst the client carries out the groundworks prior to planting and plants the plants once they are spaced correctly. Alternatively the job can be seen through from start to finish.

Click here to see photographs showing a few of gardens with which we have been involved over the years.

‘I’m pleased with the quality of the work, the planting and especially the members of the team, who we have enjoyed having here. We very much look forward to our ongoing relationship’Coddenham 2013