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Eyecatching foliage plant, also known as the Wild Strawberry. Vividly variegated cream and yellow. U..
Francoa sonchifolia 'Rogerson's Form'
Large leaves with multi-coloured tubular flowers in July. Sun ..
Galtonia candicans
Summer hyacinth with spikes of snowdrop-like flowers in August. Sun ..
Geranium 'Ann Folkard'
Young leaves are lemon yellow with darker mature leaves. Rich magenta flowers in July. Trails 1m ..
Geranium 'Patricia'
Magenta flowers with a dark eye in summer. Sun or semi-shade ..
Sage green leaves with large blue veined flowers in May. Sun ..
Floriferous and long blooming. Extremely large blue flowers with large white centres and dark maroon..
Geranium 'Salome'
Trails about the border and flowers all summer. Small dusky violet pink flowers veined with darker v..
Geranium 'Tanya Rendall'
Excellent ground cover with deep green bronze leaves and rich cerise flowers all summer. Sun ..
Finely cut foliage for excellent groundcover. White flowers veined with lilac in June. Sun or sem..
Geranium himalayense 'Graveyte'
Lovely blue flowers in summer. Sun or semi-shade ..
Beautiful double flowers in shades of rose purple and blue in midsummer. Sun or semi-shade ..
Geranium macrorrhizum 'Album'
Almost evergreen, excellent groundcover with pale shell pink scented flowers in May. Position:..
Vivid magenta pink flowers in May. Sun or semi-shade ..
Almost evergreen, excellent groundcover. Pale scented lilac flowers in May. Sun or semi-shade ..