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Galanthus 'Ailwyn'
Discovered by Richard Nutt at Anglesey Abbey in 1994 and named after Lord Fairhaven. A neat, double ..
Galanthus 'Alison Hilary'
A distinct and stunning snowdrop selected in 1996 by Joe Sharman from a mixed colony at the former B..
Galanthus 'Anglesey Not Galatea'
This originates from Lord Fairhaven’s private garden at Anglesey Abbey. He was an avid collector in ..
Galanthus 'Anne of Geierstein'
A strong growing short cultivar, with very thick waxy outers. Distinct dark green inner markings. ..
Galanthus 'Atkinsii'
The true form originates from James Atkins of Painswick, dating from the 1860s. Two clones in existe..
Galanthus 'Barbara's Hybrid'
This is a tall and robust hybrid from Netta Statham’s famous garden at Erway. It is early flowering ..
Galanthus 'Benhall Beauty'
Originally from the garden of John Gray at Benhall, Saxmundham and named by E A Bowles. A ..
Galanthus 'Bertram Anderson'
A very plicate cultivar found in the garden of E B Anderson. A good vigorous snowdrop with very long..
Galanthus 'Bill Bishop'
This is an early flowering cultivar, of the Mighty Atom type. When the flower is expanded it is read..
Galanthus 'Brigadier Mathias'
From the garden at Chalford in Gloucestershire, then owned by Brigadier and Mrs Mathias, who eventua..
Galanthus 'Cowhouse Green'
This outstanding cultivar was found in a mixed colony of nivalis and plicatus at Susan Cowdy’s garde..
Galanthus 'Curly'
Beautiful small seedling from Hyde Lodge garden where it was found in the early 1960s by Herbert Ran..
Galanthus 'Desdemona'
One of the larger Greatorex clones. It is a relatively large flowered, irregular double, most strong..
Galanthus 'Dionysus'
A Greatorex double and historically confusing. The modern stock is thought to originate from R D Tro..
Galanthus 'Epiphany'
Elegant single snowdrop with a neat horseshoe sinus mark on the inners. ..