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Galanthus 'Ailwyn'
One of the few almost perfectly symmetrical doubles, it has a central rosette with evenly and tidily..
Galanthus 'Alex Duguid' (reginae-olgae subsp. vernalis)
Flowers around Christmas.  Stiffly upright scapes with long, narrow flowers.  Outer segmen..
Galanthus 'Alison Hilary'
Outer segments are slim and strongly clawed towards the base, whilst the inner segments are not flar..
Galanthus 'Allenii'
Leaves are pewter-coloured, the outer leaf being wrapped round the inner at the base and short at fl..
Galanthus 'Angelique' (nivalis)
With evenly elongated inner segments showing two bold deep-green dots. Good 'poculiform'. ..
Galanthus 'Anglesey Abbey' (Nivalis)
Flowers show a strong tendency to ‘poculiform’, with inner segments having little or no green s..
Galanthus 'Anglesey Not Galatea'
Longer pedicel than Galatea and the ovary shape differs amongst other variations. ..
Galanthus 'Anne of Geierstein'
A strong growing short cultivar, with very thick waxy outers. Distinct dark green inner markings. ..
Galanthus 'Art Nouveau' (Nivalis)
A beautiful snowdrop bearing a soft, green inner mark with long outer segments and soft green l..
Galanthus 'Atkinsii'
Tall stemmed with long pointed outer petals. Shapely, easy to grow and flowers in mid January. ..
Galanthus 'Augustus' (Plicatus)
An attractive globular flower; this plicate has dimpled petals. ..
Galanthus 'Babraham Dwarf' (Plicatus)
A compact plant with rounded flowers and a pale olive green ovary. The leaves are noticeably short a..
Galanthus 'Barbara's Hybrid'
Early flowering with separate marks on the inner segments. ..
Galanthus 'Barnes' (Elwesii Hiemalis Group) x2
Typically, Barnes flowers in early November and has shapely flowers with a bold inner segment mark. ..
Galanthus 'Baytop' rizehensis
A magnificent example of rizehensis, with much broader foliage than is familiar with this species. B..