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Galanthus 'Barnes' (Elwesii Hiemalis Group) x2
Typically, Barnes flowers in early November and has shapely flowers with a bold inner segment mark. ..
Galanthus 'Broadleigh Gardens' (Elwesii Hiemalis)
Hiemalis was first noted in the garden of Sir Frederick Stern at Highdown. The name applies to any e..
Galanthus 'Cedric's Prolific' (Elwesii)
The flower has green tips and a long narrow, deep green V-shaped mark. Prolific and multiplies quick..
Galanthus 'Comet' (Elwesii) x2
Large, shapely flowers carried on a long, arching pedicel. The green markings on the outer segments ..
This snowdrop has faint green lines on the tips of the outer segments. The inner segment marking clo..
Galanthus 'David Shackleton' (Elwesii)
Late flowering plant with fine, rather statuesque upright pale foliage. The smooth pristine flowers ..
Galanthus 'Donald Simms Early' (Elwesii Hiemalis Group)
Flowering in early November, it has a classic narrow V-shaped inner segment marking. Albeit small, t..
Galanthus 'Godfrey Owen' (Elwesii)
The only elwesii cultivar to have six outer and six inner segments.  A beautiful and unique Sno..
Robust snowdrop with two distinct sinus marks towards the apex of the inners and a broad mark at the..
Galanthus 'Kite' (elwesii)
This snowdrop regularly produces two flowers on separate pedicels from the same scape. ..
This snowdrop is a tall, robust plant but within a clump the height of the plants will vary. The flo..
Galanthus 'Maidwell L' (Elwesii)
Tall broad leaved elwesii. Well defined X‑shaped mark on inner segments. ..
Galanthus 'Marjorie Brown' (Elwesii)
A very late elwesii var monostictus, with substantial and well-marked flowers. ..
Galanthus 'Mrs Macnamara' elwesii
Exceptional snowdrop, flowering in late December. Tall, handsome and elegant. ..
Galanthus 'Natalie Garton' (Elwesii)
A hybrid with semi-double flowers with good rounded substance ..